Is your coffee Fair Trade?
We go one step further than Fair Trade. King’s Row Coffee only sources the world’s best beans. This level of quality costs more money for farmers to produce. Unfortunately, Fair Trade does not guarantee a level of pay necessary for farmers to produce the highest quality coffee, and does not properly reward their efforts.

Our importer travels to the coffee growing regions and fosters personal relationships with the farmers. Growers are educated and given incentives on how to bring us the top quality beans. A premium is paid directly to the grower based on the quality of the brewed coffee at 35 to 100% greater than Fair Trade prices.

Is your coffee organic?
From time-to-time, the best coffees may happen to also be organic, but we have yet to find a consistent supply of truly organic certified coffee that meets our quality standards. In general, certifying as organic allows for companies to justify higher prices for a lesser quality coffee.

We price our coffee based solely on the quality of the product. More important than any certification is that the farmers use best practices, treat the land fairly and are treated fairly themselves.

How fresh is your coffee?

Our high standards for freshness match our standards for quality. We roast fresh and flush the beans with nitrogen as they are packed in one-way valve bags to ensure peak freshness keeps for months.

What is the quality of your coffee?

At the top 1% of global production, our beans are literally the world’s finest. This is a quality that is vastly above the “super premium” lines in today’s market, which use the top 10 – 20% of global production. We only use the finest Arabica beans available, whatever the cost, never any inferior Robusta beans.

Our supply chain is quality incentive-based. A twenty-plus year relationship with small farmers from South America, Central America, Africa and Asia guarantees continued access to the world’s finest beans, which are hand-selected at the grower level and cupped to determine quality.

We give the farmers an incentive to separate their harvest into the best beans by paying them a premium based on the quality of the bean. This approach ensures consistent access to the best beans year after year.

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