The Bonbon Blend

The Ultimate Coffee for Foodies

This bright and bold blend is your breakfast, brunch or dessert’s new best friend. If you consume something with a high degree of a specific flavor, it will reduce your palate’s ability to detect that same flavor in the subsequent substance, will amplifying opposite flavor qualities. Considering that 65% of coffee consumption occurs during breakfast hours, you can imagine the effect this would have on coffee consumed with pancakes, french toast and so on. The coffee will appear to have less residual sugar, and the opposite quality, bitterness, will be more prominent.

The Bonbon Blend is a forward, sweet-toned coffee crafted to improve food, especially sugary items. Delightful on its own, it grows even more pleasant with food, making it an ideal accompaniment to any meal, especially breakfast and dessert.

Cupping NotesA medium-light roast, characterized by a balanced body, a sweet-toned and vibrant acidity, and a crisp finish to keep the palate refreshed.

Weight:  11.0 oz.

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