The Coastal Blend

The World's Best Seaside Coffee

We discovered the need for the Coastal Blend after cupping some great quality coffees at the beach. We were first puzzled by the ‘flat, dull’ tasting experience until we realized that the salt ions in the briny, ionized air were deadening to the palate and the mucous membranes of the sinus cavity.

Instantly, we tasked ourselves with solving this problem, which took more than two years to conquer. Thus was born the first ever coffee blend specially developed to overcome the deleterious effects of brine air on the palate, but that can still be appreciated by dark roast enthusiasts in non-marine settings.

Cupping Notes: A robust and full-bodied medium-dark roast that, rises above ambient smells in salty air while preserving a refined and balanced taste. Characterized by a mild acidity, subtle sweetness and smooth finish.

Weight:  11.0 oz.

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