The Mountain Blend

The World’s First High Altitude Optimized Coffee Blend

We discovered that coffee brewed at higher elevations will never reach it’s intended flavor profile, regardless of quality. Since the boiling temperature of water drops 2°F for each 1,000 feet of elevation, coffee brewed at higher altitudes, whether in a ski-lodge or in your home, will over-extract the alkaloids, which are bitter, and under-extract the oils, which emit desirable elements.  So we set about to engineer the first coffee blend designed to compensate for the lower brewing temperature of the typical ski-lodge. It took us two years to find a coffee that extracted the oils at a lower than normal brewing temperature, and when we finally perfected it, the ‘Mountain Blend’ was born. Designed to preserve the creamy body and sweetness of the Shelton Signature at high altitudes, it achieves its peak taste profile when brewed at higher elevations of mountain and ski resorts.

Cupping Notes: A medium roast with a creamy body and remarkable sweetness, tasting bright, balanced and smooth at high altitudes

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