The Shelton Signature

The World's Most Sophisticated Coffee

The Shelton Signature Blend is a unique “Broadband” combination of five different beans purchased from small farmers in Africa, Asia, Central & South America. A true “purist’s” coffee, this is an all-day blend for the type of connoisseurs who take their coffee black. The perfect cap to an elegant meal, this coffee is a racy, sophisticated, powerful and perfectly balanced blend with a complexity that has to be tasted to appreciate. Most of our blends are derivatives of this benchmark coffee, engineered to reproduce the taste experience of the Shelton Signature under circumstances or conditions that affect the palate.

Cupping Notes: A full-spectrum medium roast with a remarkable sweetness, a large creamy body and a smooth finish. Characterized by a massive complexity and mouthfeel – rich body in perfect balance with lively acidity to keep the palate enchanted.

Weight:  11.0 oz.

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